The H eight adventure

Auckland & St George H mens eight

As we get older and the age group ranks in our clubs gets smaller there needs to be a bit of inovation. St Georges R C and Auckland R C have put together a composite average 70 years old,  crew.

Not just put together for a regatta but for regular outings/training sessions.

The crew, based on 4 from each club with a few reserves entered the Whanganui Bridge to Bridge 10k race at the end of last year and enjoyed the experience. We all found the experience of doing something a bit different and with a new group of friends, we’ll worth the effort. The plan is to continue getting the crew together every 3 or 4 weeks and look for a few other events to enter. We still do our own club doubles and fours but now have a viable 8 to work with.

Heading to the start of the Bridge to Bridge race
H eight boating in Whanganui
H eight boating in Whanganui