Row Timer app

For years, rowing events have relied on the old fashioned way of timing races: by using stop-watches, doing “maths”, and then facing several hours of waiting while the results are finalised. This is immensely frustrating! Moreover, spectators are often heard asking “have they started yet?”, only seeing their crew for a few minutes on the course, and having no idea how they are really doing.

Row Timer has been designed to allow real-time tracking of crews down the course so that spectators can see exactly when their crew has started and how they are stacking up against everyone else. As soon as the crew has finished, their time is available, and their current position in their category is displayed – updated as the other crews cross the line! It has proven very popular with coaches who are unable to get away from preparing their next crews to race by letting them keep tabs on what is going on.

The website has been optimised for use on smartphones so it is convenient to get the information quickly and easily. It is also made to be as light as possible on data use.

screenshot of race times from the Row Timer app