Return to Rowing after Covid

With the covid infection rates ebbing and flowing across the country, the timing is good for this helpful infographic about “Return To Play” after having covid.

Even through we are not all “performance athletes” the guidance is clear – take 17+ days to come back fully and monitor yourself carefully.

Covid Symptoms

Current guidelines that RNZ athletes are following:
???? no exercise when you are symptomatic or for first 5 days
???? After 5 days can do very light exercise like a 15min walk
???? If feeling good after 10days with no medical concerns can progress to 30mins very light exercises such as a light bike, walk or erg. Keep HR below 70% max.
???? If that goes ok, after a few days can progress to 45mins of no more than 80% max HR
???? Three weeks from start of covid can return to full training
???? Need to be aware that they have not trained for 3 weeks so be careful of loading which could result in injury.
Symptoms after recovered from covid:
???? Might find – short of breath, high HR, fatigue – ask your athletes about these things when they get over covid.
???? Be aware of the ones that erg for 30mins and then sleep for 2hours.
????Ease them back so we don’t get long covid or myocarditis.
????Covid effects heart, lungs and brain.
???? Loss of 30% of lung function after covid
???? We don’t know yet how long that risk lasts for.
covid return to rowing
Recommended protocols for returning to full training after covid