Regatta Conditions – Masters 31st August 2019


31st August 2019





1.GenerallyThe Regatta shall be conducted strictly in accordance with the 2019 NZRA Rules of Racing (Rule 6.1).  The regatta shall be governed by applicable Articles of the Constitution of the New Zealand Rowing Association Inc.  Further, this regatta shall be conducted in strict accordance with the Rowing NZ Water Safety Code, and the Rowing New Zealand Competition Safety Code (Rule 6.2), as well as The Karapiro Rowing Inc. Safety Plan, of which the contents and intent take precedent over all other documents.

2.Regatta Entry : Will be via            Entries close Sunday 25th August @ 5.00 p.m.

3.Registration : All Rowers and Coxswains must register with the Regatta Organizers, at the regatta venue, before the start of Event 1 (9.00 a.m.) This may be done via the Legion Website prior to the regatta – – or on the day, at the Registration Desks. An EFTPOS machine will be available for EFTPOS only – NO CREDIT CARDS. Cash will be accepted – please bring the correct amount as change will be limited.

A registration form and payment facility will be available on the website ( from 8th August until 7pm on the eve of the regatta.

  • Non-Legion Member – Rower’s registration is $45 per rower.
  • Legion Member – Rower’s registration is $25 per rower.
  • Registration is free for all Coxswains. However, if a Coxswain also rows, a registration fee must be paid.
  • All Rowers and Coxswains will be issued with a wristband, which must be worn on the right wrist, not the ankle. There will be spot checks made at the launching pontoons, and any rower without an armband will not be permitted to row.

4.Masters ClassificationThe age of a rower in a masters rowing event shall be the age they will be on 31st December 2019. The minimum age for a masters rower to compete is 27 years.

The crew age categories are :

A          27 years or over          (Average)                    B          36 years or over          (Average)

C          43 years or over          (Average)                    D          50 years or over           (Average)

E          55 years or over          (Average)                    F          60 years or over          (Average)

G          65 years or over          (Average)                    H          70 years or over          (Average)

I           75 years or over          (Average)                    J           80 years or over          (Average)

K          85 years or over          (Average)

Age Categories do not apply to Coxswains of Masters’ crews.

5.Novice ClassificationA “Novice Masters Rower” is a rower who has not rowed a race prior to 31st March 2019, as per NZRA Rules.  For a Crew to be classified as a “Novice Masters” crew, all rowers must be novices, with the exception of “Open”, where this rule does not apply.

N.B. All novice races MUST be raced in COXED boats.

6.School Parent Classification :  A School Parent Rower is a rower of any status.  All rowers in this classification must have a child attending the School they are representing.  School Parents’ Rowers may be Novice Masters.  Equal numbers of Men and Women must be in each crew.  Multiple crews from each school may be entered, but all requirements of School Parents events must be observed. Please contact Andrew ( regarding entry of school parent crews.

7.Open ClassificationsFor an Open event, age groupings do not apply.

8.Composite Crews :  Members from different Clubs may make up a Composite Crew; crew members are required to wear their own club colours.

9.Mixed Crew Events :  A crew participating in a Mixed event must be made up of equal numbers of male and female rowers.

10.CoxswainsAll Coxswains MUST wear fitted non-inflatable life jackets.  The minimum weight for coxswains is 55kgs.   All Coxswains must weigh in before their first race.  And further, Coxswains may be of either gender, and they have no age classification.

11.Races :  Each crew is required to carry an identifying Bow Number, which will be provided by the Regatta Organisers – these will be available from the Marshals Hut, and need to be returned when each race is completed.  Depending on the level of entries for an event, where there are insufficient entries, such races may be combined into a single race.

12.Coxed Events : All designated novice coxed quads, coxed fours, and all eight-oared boats MUST carry a Coxswain.

13.Late EntriesNO requests for Late Entries will be accepted on the day of the regatta.

14.Crew Changes : Any crew changes due to Medical issues must have been made at least 1 hr prior to the start of that event through the Regatta Secretary; and the substituted rower must be the same gender and age (or older).

15.Scratchings : Any scratchings notified prior to the start of the regatta, will not be charged, However, a “no-show” at the start will be considered to be a Late Scratching, and will be charged to your Club.

16.Course DescriptionThe course will be buoyed, with an aligned start (or a held start where ever possible). Lane 1 shall be closest to the Judges Tower. All races will be 1000 metres in length. The water, for all intents and purposes, is to be considered as still and without flow.

17.Boat Holders : Any boat holding will be taken on by Volunteers.  If there are insufficient numbers of boat holders, your race will not have a held start.

“Exclusion of all tort liability of whatsoever kind”:  The Legion of Rowers (Inc) and KRI remind all rowing clubs and rowers participating in this Masters Regatta, that while every care will be taken by the Regatta Officials to ensure that the regatta is conducted safely and efficiently, and in accordance with the rules of racing established by the New Zealand Rowing Association Inc., and / or amended by the Legion of Rowers (Inc), it is the responsibility of the Clubs to ensure that rules are complied with, and of the Rowers to comply with them to ensure safe rowing activity.

Further, it is a condition of participation in this Regatta, that all participants accept and note that no liability either in tort of any other nature whatsoever is accepted by or will attach to the New Zealand Rowing Association, Karapiro Rowing Incorporated, Waikato Rowing Association, or the Legion of Rowers (Inc), for any harm, damage, loss, costs, expenses, inconvenience, interference of whatever nature and whatever kind including any damage to equipment or injury to persons of whatever nature incurred in the course of, or in connection with, in any way related to the Regatta, regardless of whether any error or omission, wrong doing, oversight, negligence, or other tort whatsoever on the part of a Regatta Official, or other person, may be established.