Peer to peer coaching clinics

The Legion of Rowers hosted two coaching clinics during July 2021 for masters rowers who are not coaches. There are not enough coaches available for masters groups to get regular coaching. One way to get effective coaching for masters is to enable self-coaching and group feedback. This has never been tried before. 

During 2020 we surveyed masters rowers via the New Zealand Masters Rowers Facebook page asking what would improve rowing for masters.

5 key areas were identified

  1. To speak with one voice nationally
  2. Grow membership and participation
  3. Have more regattas and with new race formats (coastal and flat water)
  4. More social events
  5. Access to effective coaching

Legion of Rowers and Rowing New Zealand agreed to organise two peer to peer clinics during June 2021 in Auckland and Karapiro led by Duncan Holland and Raf Wyatt.

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Erg coaching on the rowing model
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Raf Wyatt explains the stroke cycle
peer to peer rowing clinic, masters rowing NZ, Legion of Rowers NZ
Planning an outing using peer-to-peer principles

32 rowers from these clubs attended West End, Gisborne, North Shore, Auckland, Te Awamutu, Mercer, Cambridge, Horowhenua, Hawkes Bay, St Georges, Otago, Tauranga, BOP Coast. Legion of Rowers subsidised one attendee from each club.

Format: Friday night to Sunday lunchtime with water, erg and classroom teaching.

The focus was on

  • Agree a model for rowing / sculling
  • Video to assess alignment with the model
  • Planning an outing
  • How and when to give feedback (and when not to do it)
  • Nutrition, Strength training, Drills and Exercises

Feedback from attendees:

  • Coaching and feedback practice both in the classroom and on the water. I gained a lot of practical information that can be immediately taken back to the club masters groups. 
  • Tips on creating an inclusive environment i.e. ask to request feedback before giving it
  • Simple goals before going for a row
  • The rower takes control of their own destiny – they must want to change
  • Hearing that almost every rowing club has the same issues.
  • Fun, light-hearted and inclusive. Empowering to all participants irrespective of coaching history or “pedigree”
  • The on-water drills and their immediate effects were v. useful. 
  • Taught us how to think and how to coach ourselves without having to rely on a coach
  • The invitation for peer coaching within masters groups to be athlete-centered allowing for individuals to feel safe and empowered to have input to training.

Next Steps

The Legion of Rowers is keen to host more clinics in the future.

If you are reading this article and would like to learn peer to peer coaching, please get in touch and we can run the clinic for your club members over 1 or 2 days. Minimum 8 attendees.