Legion of Southland 62nd Regatta

The 62nd Legion of Southland regatta was held in good conditions on the Oreti River – a light breeze came up late in the programme -not that that had any effect on the condition. It was only a small regatta 70 rowers competing. We do have some issues at low tide these days with a build up of Sand Bars apart from the regular uses no one else cares about it.

Even with the lack of numbers there were many encouraging results from our young competitors.Highlight of the day would have been the Open eights -open to all classes over 800 metres and handicapped.

David Galbraith, President, Southland Legion of Rowers

Winners maybe….?

This is what was sent to the winning Crew  of the open eight
Hi Team 
 Photos of the Crew that took Line honours at the Legion  — Open 8
 We did take line honours however we were disqualified on a couple of points 
1. Combined Club Crew ——-  Local rule  for points– Combined club crews no points awarded
2. No Notification of crew changes     –  No points This year SRA have been asked by clubs to enforce this ruling, you can race you just get disqualified  if notification of crew change is not made 
Who Cares we crossed the line first in 2.37 Mins?
3. 2nd Place IRC  Mixed OCTI also disqualified   — The trophy is for open eights not Octis
4. Crew Changes  were notified then they also changed with no notification    Time  2.47 mins  less 10 sec HCP  – 2.37
5. 3rd Waihopai Open women  Time 2.54 Min   Less 15 sec HCP    2.39 sec — Possible disqualification. 
 6. Maybe also a Crew change not notified ( GN  didn’t race all day — Maybe she was being kept back just  for the eight).
Diane has told me she has crew changes written down just needs to give them to me — Tui  add “Yea Right”!
7.  4th  Wai Open Men 3.04    -20 sec 2.44mins — Possible disqualification 
Possibly a crew change  not notified   S C  was at work yet named in the boat  other crew changes were made
8. 5th  Waihopai Open women #2  Time 3.15 min 
 Unnotified  Crew change – I’m sure I noticed D J  in this crew  not notified this might be one she has written down somewhere
9.  6th Waihopai  Novice Women Time 3.22 mins  Maybe they are the Overall trophy winners  I’ve no way of checking on them haven’t got to know them yet  I hope they are the overall  winners – they may have been handicapped out at the start. 
Not that I’m complaining I thought our HCP was generous.
 I’ve guessed the HCP  the starters handed out ——not that I was counting 
All Good fun 
Also a photo of the Oreti River to remind us when we get older and  we are looking back at old photos saying where and when was that taken.
Dave G